Friday, September 05, 2008

We're Our Own Worst Enemy: Peggy Noonan Thinks Sarah Palin Is Woman Enough

And she thinks Senator Clinton and Speaker Pelosi just aren't woman enough - they are "grim, stentorian," "dazed and ad hoc."

I wonder if Noonan thinks, quietly, that Barack Obama isn't really black. After all, he is so well-spoken, accomplished, educated, and well-groomed. He's a bit dull. He has few flaws to accentuate his virtues. If he were just a bit blacker, he'd be a better candidate, wouldn't he?

Noonan finds Palin more motherly (five young kids vs. Hillary's sole, grown-up, always boring and so far not-demonstrably-fertile Chelsea), more vivid, and an American Mama who joins the board and heads the committee. Palin is the real woman. Hillary is the false woman like Barack is the false black.

Does it get any more insulting than this?

Wait, it does. Because Peggy Noonan is entirely full of shit. I didn't even sub out the "i" there, that's how full of shit she is.

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