Friday, September 26, 2008

How Can One Gender Have So Many Ups and So Many Downs In One Election Cycle?

Sarah Palin: The Wheels Come Off Sarah Palin's Not So Straight Talk Express

There's a little corner of myself that weeps for Sarah Palin. None of this is fair. But I don't weep for her candidacy - at least - not like that.

Come out and play, Pitbull Palin. Show them your teeth. Gnash them, fight back. But you won't do that. You'll live up to the least flattering view of women in politics: you got here 'cause you're pretty and novel, like a pitbull in lipstick, and everyone wants to see one of those while at the carnival.


Ms. Hazelstein said...

Isn't it weird how she just looks like she's given up? In the Couric interview there were several moments where she transmitted an unusual lack of confidence, seemingly an acknowledgment that she is just overwhelmed. Most notably, the GIANT pause in the segment about Rick Davis prefaced an exchange in which her face read: I'm sorry, I think this really sucks and I don't know what to say about it without feeling like a hypocrite. I almost felt sorry for her when she couldn't finish her sentence reacting to the criticism she has received for her lame Russia comments. I really think she has come to realize that she's out of her league and, as a result, the fight has just jumped out of her. SAD. A real setback for women. Why couldn't McCain have chosen a qualified woman? This has been proven to be cynical tokenism (from the party that abhors affirmative action).

Anonymous said...

What's the difference between Sarah Palin and a pit-bull?
We'd be better off electing a pit-bull as VP.
The Katie Couric interview was one of the most terrifying things I've ever seen.

Ms. Hazelstein said...

It looks like we've got at least one up to celebrate: an impressive woman journalist, proving her chops at interviewing Palin. I've been really proud of Katie Couric this week, especially when she has help Palin's feet to the fire repeatedly over questions she has attempted to dodge. She's been tougher than many of her male counterparts while still being human and not an arrogant, didactic blowhard. It would be pretty difficult for a campaign to argue effectively that Couric is being unfair, which is an important new standard in today's world of dismissing the media. Go Katie! You are making this lady very proud!