Friday, September 05, 2008

Fun With Green Screens: The Google Giveth, The Google Taketh Away

I joked to my husband last night that we should take advantage of McCain delivering part of his speech against a photo of a school (and yeah, I thought it was a school, too, albeit a random image - perhaps a nod to Americana and our love of education as a policy talking point to compensate for not much education talk during the speech?). McCain was in front of the lawn, giving a nice green-screen background for those who like to have fun with photoshop.

Others noticed too. Apparently, the photo is now being described as one of North Hollywood's Walter Reed Middle School. Maybe they meant Walter Reed Medical Center but relied on a quick google search? Probably not, since a google image search gets you a page of the medical center.

Maybe they just wanted a school.

By the way, why is a multi-story waving flag or blue sky with fluttering flag a more worthy backdrop than columns? And who gives a poo anyway?

And how does the GOP get away with slamming Hollywood when they've got this guy? Or maybe this guy? How about this one?

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