Friday, September 12, 2008

But There's Always . . . .

Military cannot rescue ship's crew from Hurricane Ike -
'I've decided not to evacuate,' said iReporter Matteu Erchull on Galveston Island. 'We have a lot of faith in the seawall, and we have boards on the windows. Most people on the island live on second or third stories, so they don't have to worry about the water so much.'

However, Erchull started having second thoughts as the sea surged in.

'There's a lot of concern, actually, because we were getting all gung-ho about staying here, and just now I've taken all my electronics and [I'm] putting them on top of the refrigerator,' he said.

'There's water on my door. It's like you're all ready for it until you start to see it yourself.

'The window of opportunity for us to leave is still available, and I wouldn't be surprised if I heed that warning in the next hour.'
Looks like he's sticking it out though.

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