Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wait, Aren't We Missing An Option Here?

No fair! Some law schools are hiding their dumb kids in part-time programs so as not to blemish their precious US News rankings. But US News is onto you, bad law schools. They may start counting your part-timers! Ha! Then you won't be able to use them as cash cows who don't kill your numbers. But if US News pulls the trigger, beware!

Counting part-timers would roil the law-school rankings, which have a big impact on where students apply and from where law firms hire. A number of law-school administrators interviewed about the potential change contend it could have another effect: narrowing a traditional pathway to law school for minorities and working professionals. Those groups often perform worse on the important Law School Admission Test, or LSAT, and schools could feel pressure to raise their admission thresholds
OR, wait for it, schools could stop changing their programs to make them mesh with limited, static metrics that sometimes run counter to the school's founding philosophy.*

Seriously, y'all, so you're saying you'd have to cut the multi-colored crap at the bottom that you were totally cool with letting in before? So are you saying you're NOT letting in qualified candidates right now? I'm pro-affirmative action, but somehow, the above statement highlights everything those against affirmative action have tried to pin on the policy since its inception. Ugh.

Law schools are dumb, law school administration can be even dumber. US News, though, is subscription evil.

*Yeah, CMC, I'm looking at you and your student-body-increasing-itude.

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