Friday, August 08, 2008

Things To See In L.A.

The Getty has Bernini until October 26. Disappointingly, the exhibition is at the Getty Center, not the Villa (I don't dislike the Center, I just have such fond memories of the Villa as my introduction to the antiquities that classic sculpture - from any era - is inextricably linked to that location in my mind). Regardless, I hope I get a chance to check this out.

In Rome, our visit to the Villa Borghese was one of the highlights - in fact, it's probably one of the top three art experiences of my life. Magnificient sculpture and the best audio tour I've ever heard to unlock it for me.

(Rounding out the top three: our Vatican tour with a PhD candidate who knew entirely too much about entirely too much and, possibly #1, the V&A's traveling Art Deco show from a few years back. It was at the Legion of Honor in SF and was perfect in every way.)

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