Friday, August 29, 2008

Only One To Catch It That I've Seen So Far

Nucular. She said it.

The piece also, cleverly, calls her a Daniela Boone.

The more I mull her story, the stonger her narrative becomes. But is it any stronger than Obama's?


Anonymous said...

You've been a very busy girl today. On the other hand, I haven't been thru here since I asked you about how I could support "my guy". But that was before he was "man"-handled by Obama and then caught fucking around on his cancer-ridden wife.

But I digress.

This is pandering. It smacks of desperation and is a hollow claim of "see, I can make history too...suckers" But I do have one question for you that you have already broached...and please forgive my being so frank...are women stupid enough to fall for this?

Anonymous said...

I blog in a highly compressed amount of time before work. It just has a slower publication schedule. Gotta do what I gotta do.

Are women stupid enough to fall for this? I think people are stupid enough to fall for this. Women and men.

I haven't really delved into the cross-tabs produced during presidential polling this year, but I'd love to know if the PUMA types (not just HRC supporters who are now bummed that they don't have HRC as a nominee, but the ones who always get on camera saying they'll stay home or vote for McCain) were ever regular D voters. If they were a new group of recent joiners, then their loss doesn't do squat to the overall results. If they truly are a significant portion of life-long likely D voters, then there may be - may - a problem.

But yes, people, including women, will fall for this. Some based on stupidity. Some just misguided.

Hell, reading her bio I'm impressed by her can-do narrative. She's lived her own personal, non-sucky version of the Girls Guide to Hunting and Fishing. By, like, hunting and fishing. She's got A TON of narrative cues that are media catnip for coverage. She's a shiny new penny of a candidate.

That will distract people from the issues.