Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lest We Think We're Past It Now

Make no mistake, Obama's speech tonight was paradigmatic.

BUT, just as I went to turn off the TV, I heard Pat Robertson make the statement I think I was waiting for without really knowing it. He said something to the effect that Obama did what he needed to do, he was a man.

A man.

How delightfully male was tonight's event? Don't get me wrong, I got the chills. I craved a Democratic candidate stepping to the Republican's eight years of bullshit - and step he did. But in that moment of thinking about the very masculine aspects of tonight's hallmark speech, did you wonder what Clinton's speech would've sounded like? I think Robertson's statement, however, hints at a large level of comfort that will rush back to the mainly male talking-head circuit: we can stop worrying about the girl now! Phew. Male metaphors for all!

I don't think gender decided this election anymore than I think, ultimately, race will decide the general election. But that doesn't mean we're cured, either.

Catherine, you around? Surely you had similar thoughts? Probably far better formed than mine are. I'm going to revisit this.

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