Thursday, August 28, 2008

Just To Be Clear

Yeah, I posted that I would rather NOT vote for an Obama/Biden ticket.

But let's be totally, utterly, completely, absolutely, un-f-ing-mistakably clear: I will vote for the Obama/Biden ticket in November. Period.

Those who, like the stupid, wing-nut "PUMAs" that the MSM et al. seem to find with great luck, will refuse to vote for Obama, despite being anti-McCain, because of Biden's negatives are . . . well, I don't want to say "stupid," because it sounds like an ad hominem attack, which is never good for discourse. But saying ignorant implies there was no opportunity to observe what happens when a just-large-enough mass of politically confused exercise the "privilege of idealism" (h/t).

2000, people. It's our generations Alamo. You should remember it. And everything that came after.

There are about 50 good reasons, sound acadmic arguments, against Biden. I only need one word: hawk. But he's better than Bush. He's better than the Bush machine which clearly still has a choke holdon the once respectable McCain. So f that. I'm sticking with my team, loudly and proudly.

Everyone get the hell over it and get back to business.

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