Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's Something You See In, Like, Big Swing or Blue States

There's really nothing funny about this story, except maybe a fellow State Rep's comment that this is "like something you would see in New York or Pennsylvania or California, but not here."

Actually, if I'm recalling some of the more random acts of violence, the postal-worker variety, the school shootings . . . the, dare I say, young to middle age white male shootings, those are usually in states not-California. Or the other big ones.

Here, we're more content to stand by while urban youth gun each other down in numbers that should make us weep openly at least daily.

All snark aside, I feel for the Arkansas state party today, and for Gwatney's friends and family. It's senseless, regardless of where it happened.

Don't you wish the cops had capped the suspect in the knees or feet or arms or something? How come these shooters usually die before we get any answers?

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