Friday, August 22, 2008

Bid Biden Good-bye, Please

So the rumor mills are pumping out massive amounts of Biden predictions as Obama's VP choice draws near. First, it's totally smart to announce before the convention because if he didn't, I might mistakenly watch more of the convention. After two weeks of Olympics (the coverage of which largely poos on the West Coast audience by airing after 11pm, but whatever), I just don't know that I can be chained to my TV anymore. Plus the regular season starts soon, and I need to rest up before the premiere of 30 Rock.

And this is a junkie saying she isn't so amped about the Denver do. That should worry my party.

But anyway, back to Biden.

In 1991, I recall really liking Biden as I watched him chair the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings.

Yes, really. If you do the math, I was 12, but I was a highly attentive sixth grader, I assure you.

Since 1991, however, Biden became a pretty raging hawk and I don't dig on war. I'm still bothered by Clinton's pro-war vote. Biden is even more aggressive on the issue than she is. Maybe he's not quite Lieberman, but I wouldn't count on Biden to urge Obama away from, say, invading Iran.

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Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see what you think when the choice is announced.