Friday, August 08, 2008


An interesting slide show on many things eight in honor of this luckiest Chinese day and a day less likely to confuse Europeans (who write DD/MM/YYYY, rather than MM/DD/YYYY).

Noteable among the 8s - one item in a list of 8 things offered in 2006 by China's president to "revivify the country's traditional values:" The HONOR of upholding science; the SHAME of ignorance and illiteracy.

As with the UK's Darwin bearing currency, it surprises and delights me when a country highlights science as an important national value or accomplishment.

Have we ever done something like that?

Also interesting - a list of the eight causes of anger:
Deprivation of Riches
Betraying a secret
Neglecting a faithful servant
Abusive language
Unjust suspicion

I think that's a pretty good list. Anything missing? And does whatever you just thought of fit into one of those categories? I bet it does.

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