Tuesday, July 01, 2008

If He Didn't, I'd Have A Hell Of A Hard Time Voting For Him

Obama opposes California same-sex marriage ban, which McCain supports

Newsom was right to support equal marriage in 2004, Obama is right to do it today.

I'd rather lose for something than win at the expense of this fundamental right.


Anonymous said...

Good comment, but I often wonder how long people remember the stands that were taken in such circumstances. According to the Washington Post, Bill Clinton pressured John Kerry to support the anti-gay marriage ballot measures that were on the ballot in 2004 and Kerry refused even though a large number of members of his campaign team agreed with Clinton.

Anonymous said...

Kerry also repeated the bogus argument that he supported civil unions, but wouldn't cross the "marriage" word boundary.

Many in my party have been on the wrong side of this issue. Many more will be.

I still vote for love.

Anonymous said...

You are right about gay marriage (and that statement would have been true about every Presidential candidate this year except Dennis Kucinich), but I still think Kerry's stance took a particular amount of guts with everyone, (especially the former President whom he needed to campaign for him) pushing for a stand that was a lot more negative towards gays than just saying supporting civil unions instead of marriage.

My reason for mentioning the subject was that I don't think most liberal political types ever gave John Kerry credit for making a gutsy political call (which when balanced against the consequences still causes a lot of Washington insiders to grind their teeth) and it disgusts me that those same liberals are so quick to label Barack a flip flopper when he just took a stand on one of the toughest issues a national candidate will face.

Let's face it, you know the whole thing will be huge for Republicans because they can't run on the economy or the war, so they need another issue and several have already been quoted as saying "Gay Marriage" will be it and here liberals are tearing apart the credibility of a candidate that just risked his whole campaign because he believed so strongly in human rights. Obviously no one on our side wants this issue on the frontburner, but if you really have doubts about Barack's honesty this should answer the questions, but instead I think a lot of those people would prefer to lose and just like to gripe. JMO!

Anonymous said...

And I would argue his stance wasn't gutsy enough because he walked up to the "civil unions" line, but wouldn't cross it.

He gets partial credit, but still fails to go the distance.

And I think plenty has changed in four years. Yes, some will still see marriage as an issue of ultimate importance, but attitudes are changing and given the state of the economy and the war, they simply can't hide behind the same sort of fear-screen they had then.