Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Don't Buy A Dodge, Chrysler, Or Jeep

In a continuing effort to prove to America and the world that America automakers won't bow to moral, economic, or environmental pressures, Dodge, Chrysler, and Jeep are all offering $2.99 gas if you buy one of their inefficient vehicles. You've seen the ads on TV, I'm sure.

First off, let me say, I was raised by American-car-driving patriots. We seldom had fewer than 2 Fords out front at any given time. A lot of me cringed when my husband and I purchased our Subaru because it isn't and American car. Parts were built here or whatever, so that's how we - okay, I - rationalize it.

But I'm just not going to feel bad for automakers anymore. Not when they pull this kind of crap.

Why change when you can buy back the favor of a public who is finally - FINALLY - starting to see you as the fossil fuel burning fossil you really are.

Think about it: can you identify anything else in current American culture more illustrative of our grotesque consumerism than this offer? Screw the troops, the birds, the bees, the flowers, your children's lung capacity, you can pay only $2.99 for gas for a few years if you simply keep being a wanton wastrel.

You know, Europeans don't need fuck-off big cars. They still have whole families like we do. They still road-trip. They still convey goods. They just do it with a better mpg rating.

What's wrong with us?

My parents can't understand why Michelle Obama said she was only recently proud of her country. While I'm willing to chalk up her statement to poetic hyperbole, do you not at least feel some of the flip side when you watch American business pull this kind of crap? Are you not embarrassed? Ashamed?

You should be. We all look bad.

We're a country of innovators, but we've seriously lost our way.


redneck muppet said...

I love when you find the perfect balance between the snark and the anger. Would that auto corporate executives were blog lurkers.

Anonymous said...

I think it does point to somewhat why those companies are failing to compete with imports. Perhaps American taste in cars is changing but they just refuse to accept it. They may find that as they fail to adjust now that in years to come they will not be able to compete in a market which they have nothing to do with.

( Does this mean you will be selling the truck then? )

Anonymous said...

I barely drive the truck at this point. I wouldn't have ever had it except I was a poor law student wihtout a car and my sister and bro-in-law took pity on me.

If I sold it, it would probably be driven more ;)

I think part of Americans' reluctance - at least, this American's reluctance - to embrace the really efficient, tiny vehicles (Yaris, Fit, etc), comes from the lingering presence of large, squash-you SUVs and trucks. I want to save the environment, but not by voluntarily removing myself from it.

It's like an arms-race on American roads - they get bigger cars, you have to get something to survive in. Kind of an unwinable situation. Physics (big car beats little car) is a science that can, in practical terms, trump ecology.

Anonymous said...

With how fast gas prices are rising, I think Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep may be making a big mistake offering a $2.99 gas guarantee anyway. I never wanted an SUV until I was pregnant with a toddler and started having trouble getting her into the center car seat in my sedan. But I don't know what I would do with 2 kids and all their accompaniments without one now. And in defense of Dodge as a brand, they seem to be the only cars my husband fits in so our choices are somewhat limited. You do what you have to do sometimes.