Sunday, June 22, 2008

'Bridezillas' And Stereotyping Michelle Obama?

While I was planning my wedding, I watched the WEtv show "Bridezillas." It's awful tripe, but, historically, has been pretty entertaining tripe. It comes from the "My Super Sweet 16" school of attracting an audience interested in feeling higher, moral, and more virtuous than it's awful, bratty, misbehaving, wince-inducing biatches.

The new season of Bridezillas started a few weeks ago and I'm about to look up the WEtv address and send them a little letter.

Is Bridezillas a racist production?

I know, random accusation, right? But stay with me.

Each week, the show features two brides. Brides' stories arc over two to three episodes - so there's some bridal overlap. For the last three weeks or so, the show has featured a series of African American brides. Now, I fully understand these brides are cast/selected based on their 'zilla capacity: the more insane, petty, and obnoxious, the better. But these woman are portraying the worst of the angry-black-woman stereotype that - unbelievably - still exists and is currently being used to attack Michelle Obama.

Compare "Bridezillas" with the show that follows it: "Platinum Weddings." The latter is a parade of ethereal, white, thin, lovely brides demurely discussing the hundreds of thousands they are spending on their (now totally tired) branch, crystal-dripping center pieces. WEtv - supposedly all ya-ya-sisterhood, woot women, you go girl, is seemingly using one show to stereotype and mock working and middle-class women of color while celebrating white-moneyed love.

I just went really knee-jerk, didn't I? Hey, sometimes my inner liberal needs a day out.

So, does anyone else waste brain cells on this TV show? Anyone else noticed the decidedly negative trend this season? Would I be posing the same question if episodes were color-balanced? Maybe. But that's not the case, so we'll never know.

I think I'm only thinking about this because the country is currently high-fiving itself over Obama's nomination while simultaneously allowing the anti-Michelle Obama crap to get airtime.

I should probably stop watching the show.

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Anonymous said...

Your inner liberal needs to be let out more often.

Keeping her cooped up will only make her and you irritable and grouchy and mike make you start voting Republican!