Wednesday, May 21, 2008

How Are They Still Regarded As The Party Of States' Rights?

Because it sure seems like Reeps would erase state borders altogether, at least where commerce is concerned.

Oh wait, and marriage. And abortion. And . . . .


Anonymous said...

cd -

what can you find out about Congresswoman Laura Richardson and her three foreclosed/distressed homes - one on Parker St. in San Pedro?

Seems only small rags and bloggers are talking about her mess, and that seems highly suspect. Why the hush on her story?

Anonymous said...

Who's hushed? Me?

It was front page news over the weekend, wasn't it? The Breeze was especially uncharitable to her, not that I mind, she deserves it.

She's long been a nasty campaigner. Jenny should've won that race. The only brightside: California gets to keep a great, woman legislator in the Capitol for a bit longer.