Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Whom Do Superdelegates Represent?

I'd say themselves. It's not my understanding that they achieve their posts to represent a given population. They may be representative OF, but they may not be representativeS of. Does that make sense?

Are they supposed to look at their district or demographics and go that way?

I may have turned in my thesis nearly - egads - seven years ago, but the inquiry never ends.


Anonymous said...

Ah democracy. The people have the right to vote but just in case they make the wrong choice you need a backstop to do what is "right".

Anonymous said...

Here's the thing though: there's a misconception among novice voters - or even, sadly, experienced voters - about what it is they are voting for.

Do you vote for Tony Blair? (Even if you hated him, go with me.) No, you don't, right? You vote for a local rep who will vote for Blair as the leader, right? Or am I getting the process wrong.

Technically, all primary votes are for delegates, not for the candidate him/herself. Those delegates aren't even sworn or required to vote for their chosen candidate.

Representative democracy: it's a beautiful if wildly misunderstood thing.