Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Or You Can Go With This Guy's Angry View

I guess it isn't just San Franciscans who hate on the Olympics.

I wish they weren't in China either.

I wish China wasn't a big trade partner.

I wish I could go to Cuba.

Anyway, the torch isn't coming through Sacramento this time around which is enough to make this guy throw his own parade.

I saw the torch go past in 2002. It went right down past the end of my street in East Sac. SK and CK were with me - remember guys? You know what I thought? Cool! Look, there goes the torch. It made me think back to my much, much younger days when my Dad got me up before sunrise so we could go see the torch come through for the LA Olympics. It was so early, we came home and it was just time for breakfast. I watched the Flintstones. I had met Sam the Eagle.

So in 2002, I thought of all the games I could remember watching, of my visit to see the torch in 1984 and how neat it was that there, in the dead, cold winter night, someone in a track suit was running literally steps down from my front door and that eventually that torch would pass a flame to a really big torch that would glow for 16 days over the only thing that really ever brings the world together.

The Olympics doesn't fix everything. Maybe it doesn't fix anything. But it doesn't really hurt much either.

Hell, if it makes you feel better, think about the economic reality that most cities suffer from years' long deficits after breaking themselves to upgrade infrastructure and ready themselves for the Olympics to begin with.

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