Monday, April 07, 2008

Man Survives Odds To Become Comfortable With Own Wealth, Self

Wow, what a moving story. This guy in Oakland has struggled for years with being independently wealthy. And then, despite a turn of events that left him having to support himself halfway through college, he tragically married an independently wealthy woman.

After years of not knowing how to handle this comfort, he finally has allowed himself to relax and just take that luxurious vacation, have a birthday party. It isn't about deserving it, it's about accepting yourself.

They have chosen to buy a smaller home and even to finance it - for the tax benefits - despite being able to buy it out-right. They have chosen to work as public school teachers. Awww, that's precious.

There isn't a paragraph in this article that doesn't make me want to vomit. It illustrates the worst of the Bay Area stereotype.

Perhaps someone should send this guy - who is so comfortable he's not described by his real name - a book on Catholic Saints. There are many who came from wealthy families but adopted vows of poverty to better serve God and the community. He doesn't even need to serve God, if he believes in God anyway. But he could live even more simply and donate all of his proceeds from any job or anything past living expenses to charity.

I couldn't - or at least - at this time, I'm not willing to do the same. But I certainly would never sit for an interview that shows me to be an intellectually fraudulent, self-centered pig.


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