Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I've Never Seen Rocky

I know, I know, I should. It's unamerican not to see it. I even spent some time in Philadelphia and joked about doing the whole running-up-the-stairs thing. As with most iconic American film moments, however, the pop-cultural reference is so strong that seeing the film itself is a bit of an afterthought. To speak movie, you have to get the reference at all times, even if you haven't seen the source yet.

Anyway - in the grand tradition of presidential campaigns, here's the obligatory Bad Song Choice Story. This cycle, we're looking at Hillary's use of Rocky's theme song "Gonna Fly Now."

Reading the article, it is clear that the divide between Rocky-as-cultural-touchstone and Rocky-the-movie is wide. By not watching the movie - or not watching it more closely - Clinton has set herself up for all kinds of colorful, derivative metaphors.

The article itself makes a compelling case, though the author would've done well to stop before he last, dramatically weaker paragraph. It all made me think though.

Did you know - spoiler alert . . . .

Rocky loses?

I didn't.

HRC, you know how much we still love irony, even though we sang its eulogy on September 12, 2001. Look a few moves - movies? - ahead before you embrace an American institution as your model.


Anonymous said...

If Hillary is Rocky, who is Forrest Gump?? (That's another film that's just plain un-American not to see)

Ms. Hazelstein said...

granted, this is coming from a biased source, but rocky was triumphant in the succeeding movies. you just have to give him time!

Anonymous said...

So does that play into the conspiracy theory being bandied about that Hillary knows she's lost and just wants to set herself up for another run in four years if Barack loses the general.