Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Immigration Post: Another One Of Those Uncomfortable Stories

Oh, the chances we take in pursuit of a better life. Part noble, part foolish. Here, the story starts with the tragic death of a newborn infant and her mother just after delivery. And it grows with the uncomfortable question of where to bury the bodies. The mother wasn't here legally, but the Mexican government will, if there's no other way, pay to have the bodies shipped home.

But aside from the cost, there's the high chance that those who would like to do so can't travel home to Mexico with the bodies, attend the funeral, or grieve with family there.

But that's the choice made and the chance taken, right?

And then there's this:
"My sister always fought to have a better life here," said Elizabeth Trujillo, who lives in Los Angeles. "But we are Mexicans and we want to return to where we were born."
No, here's the thing, it's easy to jump to a very negative conclusion on first read. But we all want to go home when we, well, go home, right?

But what do we take from this story? What are we meant to take?
Garcia and four of Trujillo's siblings in the U.S. are undocumented. Returning to Mexico with the body would mean a costly and dangerous journey back across the border to their jobs and U.S.-born children. They decided the bodies of Trujillo and her baby should be shipped to Mexico, and reluctantly, they would stay behind.
Yes, this is a hardship. And it is awful. But my sympathy is well-tempered by . . . well, something.

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