Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Chicken, Egg, Or Public Employee Salary

Ah yes, bang the drum, dear columnist.

For years, the argument in government circles has been that pay for top managers is high in order for the public sector to compete with private companies - but it has clearly been taken way too far. The quality of city services certainly isn't worth what residents pay in tax dollars.
Lets pay less and see if services improve.

This article doesn't imply to me that the author has had a fire at his home by which to evaluate the performance of fire personnel - the people with whom he takes the greatest issue. Why does a battalion chief who gets $150k salary deserve overtime for anything.

Possibly because a) he worked overtime and b) it's in their contract (I don't know if there is one, but I'm guessing there is). So where was the ire when the contract was signed?

Why are people so pissed about public employee salaries? Jealousy? Anger over paying any taxes at all?

Get over it. Don't go after the employees.

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