Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Changing The Metric

Ah, swap the data set - classic.

The Clinton camp, according to Harold Ford, Jr. (who would have been a great candidate, btw and must be, like Bill Richardson, looking around and going, wait, how did I end up not-there?), has changed the metric tonight from delegate counts to popular vote count. Of course - either camp would do that. Play to the ignorance of the public on the issue of how we really select candidates - it isn't really important - and look at the electability question as you attempt to campaign at national level (rather than the party level).

Both candidates certainly DO need to start campaigning against McCain rather than each other. It would work on both levels anyway. They won't though. I kinda see HRC as the most guilty party on that front.

(I like Harold Ford, Jr. Always have. As the youngest elected MOC, he spoke to a group I was with in DC way-back-when. He was great. Memorable.)

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