Tuesday, April 01, 2008

And While We're Posting Videos: A Post For Law Students, Former Law Students, And Related Nerds

H/T and a thousand thanks to Amber for posting the link to a trove of inside joke treasure from the fine, brilliant students at GW Law in DC.

Because the other students aren't going to depress themselves:

And because, hell, weren't we all talk, no action as well?

I recommend nearly the entire 2008 colleciton of videos found here - especially the Law & Order clip, as well as most of the 2007 clips - like this truly inspired plea from Sally Struthers. There are videos (not produced for YouTube like viewing) from 2006 of which this is one of the few worthy uses of time - but pretty worthy at that. Voice-over can be a brilliant comedic device.

Stephens in the hizzouse!

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