Monday, March 31, 2008

Why I Prefer Virgin Atlantic

Unsinkable terminal sinks at grand opening, badly.

Even before the new Terminal 5, British Airways flights out of Terminal 1 were notoriously late and troublesome. Most of that owes to its success in an odd way. I can't recall the exact frequency, but, with something like a BA flight landing every 90 seconds, a minor weather disruption will hit the airline disproportionately hard.

Anyway, the new Terminal 5 mess has taken about 4 days to be news over here. You'd think it would travel faster than that.

Virgin Atlantic opened its new Terminal 3 a few weeks back and I haven't heard a peep about that having been a problem.

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Anonymous said...

This wouldn't be a problem if the UK had the same standards for carry on luggage as the rest of the world. In the UK you cannot use the the luggage that is designed and market to fit into the overhead compartment (they have reduced their cubic measurements so that all the worlds standard carry on luggage are not allowed to be used as carry on, you now have to be pay extra to check all your luggage).
The luggage would still fit in the over head. Even if you leave on the same plane the new UK regulations require you to check your luggage and pay the excess fee (consider it a hidden travel tax).
I'm willing to bet if the UK use the same carry on luggage standards as the rest of the world, their problems would clear up. Seriously who gets rid of the majority of carry on luggage and then gets surprised when the people running checked luggage get over loaded?