Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Tomorrow's Headlines Tonight

Hillary Clinton won three out of four contests and vows to fight on - at least that's Nora O'Donnell's take on the sitch. And it's, of course, the most likely headline the Clinton camp will repeat and appreciate in the coming weeks. Delegate count seems to have been less important as Obama won "11 in a row" and so why wouldn't the headline be "Clinton beats odds with 3 out of 4 close states choosing her over the seemingly unstoppable Obama." It's numbers AND expectations - wohooo!

Of course if life mimics SNL, then the headlines will focus on delegate counts instead.

Hillary said - as she went wheels-up on her way back to DC - that tonight with 3/4 wins begins a "New Chapter" in her campaign. Mmmm, warm rhetoric - sweet like political apple pie.

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