Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Take A Walk, Mom

Not my mom. Moms in general.

California legislators kill bill to give parking privileges to pregnant women.


Pregnancy isn't a disability. If it leads to temporary disability, go to a doctor, get a note, and then hit the DMV. But in and of itself, though pregnancy may be a pain in the ass. But it runs counter to policy to consider parking placards, as the bill's author Chuck DeVore says, as a matter of helping "women who are not necessarily disabled but are having a particularly painful day, or have swollen feet, or have given birth and find themselves struggling to switch their newborn from a car seat to a stroller in a parking lot with cars jetting by." No. Sorry. Maybe I'm overly sensitive to the issues since disability policy is sort of in my genes, but there's just no way this flies with disability advocates, is there?

Nope, there's not:
"Pregnancy is not itself a disability and, secondly, we are creating an issue for the disability community without offering a solution," said Charlotte Newhart of California NOW and the American Association of University Women.
Sorry Chuck: you're a good stag but this is bad policy.


Sisyphus said...

Now we just need to take away free parking for Prius owners in some places, like Fresno.

Owning a Prius may be better than owning lots of cars, but it doesn't mean you can't walk.

Unknown said...

Not a car parked in downtown Oakland feeds the meter. Every single one has a handicap hang tag. Every day.

Are all of Oakland's employees truly disabled, or just a bunch of crooks capitalizing on an absurd system that hands out handicap privileges with absolutely no discretion?

Who cares - with so much abuse and corruption, why not give pregnant women a break?

Anonymous said...

I was just in Oakland and fed the meter several times, so alone I can disprove your theory, moreover, I don't recall seeing a single DP plate or placard, but whatever.

If you have a problem with the "system," write to CMA or your local doctor because they are responsible for who gets and doesn't get a placard. Not the DMV. Not a government agency. You need a doctor's note.

And lastly, just in case you ever see someone who looks fine walking to or from a car with a DP placard or plate, recall that many legitimately disabled people don't have a visible disability.

Anonymous said...

While this bill may not be a good idea, one thing to keep in mind is that the State considers pregnancy a disability for a short period of time under SDI. Although pregnancy is natural, it can be very disabling just having normal symptoms. Recovery from even an uncomplicated vaginal delivery can be extremely painful. Considering how behind the U.S. is in its laws to protect and support pregnant women and new mothers, a few small perks wouldn't be an outrageous request. It will also be interesting to see if your opinion changes after going through it yourself.

Anonymous said...

[eye-roll] Look all, if you are temporarily disabled, then you can go to your doc and get a note that enables you to get the red temporary placard. That's already available to pregnant or recent moms.

Lots of disabilities are natural. Lots and lots.

I love laws, but I hate redundancies. This, like the cell-phone bill, is just pandering and jumping on a news-y issue.

A disability that hampers mobility is a disability that hampers mobility - if one gets a doctor's note, so does the other. There's no prohibition that says pregnant women CAN'T, so your point is moot.

If and when I go through it myself, I'll discuss matters with my doctor, not my legislator.

There ought not to be a law.