Friday, March 07, 2008

Reader Contest: Answer The Question!

No, this isn't a double post, there's just ANOTHER GOP GOP political worker who's been fired over visa problems - this time a damn dirty Canadian who tried to collect two paychecks with two visas, a no-no in US immi law. One per customer, kids. Don't confuse the guy in this article with the Australian who got sacked for his immigration law violations and subsequent stupidity in handling them, and nondisclosure.

But let's get to the contest part. Please answer the question, in bold below:

Sources said that some officials in the state GOP discussed hiring an immigration attorney to defend Matthews after the news stories revealed the apparent violation.

But that idea was scrapped after other party leaders argued that spending money to defend Matthews could subject state GOP officials - who have often been outspoken in their criticism of illegal immigration - to charges of hypocrisy.

"Would they have done that if his name was Mario Lopez?" asked one GOP official who was in on the discussions, speaking on condition of anonymity.
If you don't see why that's funny already . . . . Pony up your answers in the comments section. Good luck!


Richard said...

They want to deport A.C. Slater?

Unknown said...

Well, really only those darn preppies Zack and Jessie want to deport him. Kelly, is on the fence and Lisa and Screech don't care too much.

Water Lion said...

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