Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Pretty Much

"Hillary's Major Address On Gender Issues will never happen. It can't ever happen."

And in response to a comment that sexism is nearly stamped out, Mick LaSalle says:

If it turns out you're right, great. But the thing is, when I was your age, I would have said the same thing. Women rule the universe until they're about 25. The worlds young women travel in are welcoming to young woman. You go up to an information desk and the person looks up and smiles. The temperature drops considerably when you're older, and I'd bet that the president of your company, and your university, and your country is a guy. And will still be a guy, maybe even when you're middle-aged.

I would like to be wrong. But all the young feminists that I had a good time laughing at (and the women I knew laughed at) when I was 24 and 25 have turned out to be right. You may find this to be the case, too, by the time you're in your forties, which is like 20 minutes from now.
I think a lot of sexism is gone, but what's left is more dangerous because we can't see it as well. Like jumping out of path of a speeding bus, but inhaling toxic mold when you get home. Never saw it coming.

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Ms. Hazelstein said...

people would think she was paranoid and crazy if she gave a speech on gender. what a shame. i hope this idea gets picked up because even outside of the context of the campaign, i think it could generate very interesting debate. why, for instance, is no one appalled that gift shops sell hillary clinton nutcrackers, using her thighs to bust nuts? and in all of the hubbub about SNL supposedly favoring hillary, no one questioned their "comedic" bit in which she was called shrill and several other words reserved only for steadfast women. why is that still funny?