Friday, March 21, 2008

Please, Stop Giving Us So Much Credit

The only ones safe in a weak economy are construction and real estate litigation plaintiffs firms as this story relates. Seems KB Homes around Yuba City might have been playing fast and loose with their appraisals to keep purchase prices high and close deals. Whoopsie.

But what gets me is this closing graf:

'If we were ever to buy another home, I don't want a subdivision.' she told me. 'And no matter what, I would always hire an attorney to look at the paperwork. I'm just not as trusting any longer.'
Yeah, I hope you mean real estate attorney, or better yet, independent realtor or real estate agent. Seriously, just attorneys don't know jack about this process. Did you know we can just take the real estate agents exam without taking the classes required of non-attorneys? Yeah, because lawyers write the laws. Goofy.

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