Wednesday, March 19, 2008

No Wounds, Just Ignorance

Now, some are calling for a Superdelegate primary because if no winner is known by the end of the primaries in June, then:

we would then face a long summer of brutal and unnecessary warfare. We would face a summer of growing polarization. And we would face a summer of lost opportunities — lost opportunities to heal the wounds of the primaries, to fill the party’s coffers, to offer unified Democratic ideas for America’s challenges.
Give me a break. Do you know we have a superdelegate primary already? Yeah, it's called a convention and it is already scheduled for November. This notion that we, as a party, can't keep our eyes on the big prize as we're going forward in selecting our best face is disheartening. What, we can't multitask? Then we shouldn't preside, should we.

Seriously, though, what "wounds?" I know lately things have been getting punchier, but for the most part, this is an invigorating, high energy contest between two worthy (though maybe not stellra) candidates. And while there are still, a-hem, those out there who swear McCain is a good option if Dem Candidate X wins, I think when the rubber hits the road and the ink the ballot, they'll all vote Dem anyway.

We've spent YEARS decrying New Hampshire and Iowa's ability to determine the outcome of the primary race before a vast majority of Americans can hit the polling place. Now, with things running more like they, frankly, should run, we're screaming "hurry up!" and forgetting about the end goal in all of this.

The only "wounds" out there are the scabs being picked at by the MSM who can't do much besides report the derivative angle - the process story - on each election event. It's not what happened, it's what what-happened means. According to them. And some pundits.

Superdelegate primary? I call shenanigans.


Anonymous said...

Phoblographer - while I generally disgree with many of your political leanings, I do agree with you on this issue. (I also tremendously respect that you make a good argument for your beliefs and don't just buy into the "party line" so to speak). The entire election process has become too long in my humble opinion. There were candidates campaigning in 2006... I would like to see the entire process shortened. I believe a shorter process would reduce the time that we have to listen to our leaders and future leaders ripping each other to shreds in the media. I would love to see the primaries take place from March to July and then the conventions no more than 2 or 3 weeks after the last primary. This would still give enough time for all the candidated to be "vetted" by their opponents and the media while reducing the time we are exposed to the negativity that has become so rampant in politics today (which if we are being completely honest is coming from both sides). At any rate, I enjoy your blog and respect your opinions.

Anonymous said...

An imitation anonymous poster.

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Thanks for the kind words. I'm not sure we agree on that much, but I love having readers.

Do we have two different anons or one anon who posted twice? And how an imitation?

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We have two different Anons. I would offer to take a number, but I am only posting this way because your site doesn't seem to let me log in any other way. (Instinctive disagreement I suspect).

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