Thursday, March 13, 2008

'Housekeeper Sues Atherton Couple'

So, here's the deal:
A 69-year-old San Mateo woman who spent four years working as a live-in housekeeper and nanny for an Atherton couple filed suit in federal court against her former employers today, charging that they violated labor laws by working her 14-hours a day, six days a week, without overtime pay or breaks.
And if you're interested, here's the complaint.

I went to law school with one of the plaintiff's lawyers, Matt Goldberg. I don't really keep up on alumni from Hastings, so when I do come across something about our grads, especially the good ones, it makes me happy. He's a runner too - good peeps.

I wish him luck - seems like a bit of an uphill climb that is poised to earn not only some big media attention, but probably a lot of criticism as well.

I'm reading the complaint and will freely admit that, while I'm somewhat familiar with the general area of law, some of the stuff I don't get. Like the application of the unfair competition provisions of law which, trust me, don't work like you think they do or the name might imply to others. I wonder about statute of limitation questions or at least wage and hour law limitations on recovery since the housekeeper was fired in September, 2006. Can you go more than 3 years back? Oh wait, there's information on tolling agreements and stuff people playing in big kid court deal with. That's not my venue right now.

What happens if the plaintiff prevails?

At any rate - Hastings sucks nuts at promoting the work of its grads, so if I can help promote alumni in the news, I will. Sometimes. Matt deserves the credit for being one of the few who has found a way to remain firmly in the public service.

More press here and here.

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