Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Everyone Loves A Clip Show

Friend and reader - and Ohio HRC scheduler Catherine passes on this YouTube clip good for a chuckle (so long as you don't dwell on which Jack characters are used. Not that there are many sympathetic Jacks, but these are some bad ones):

Of course, what good is a clip without a paradoy to go with it:

The part I don't get with the parody is the line about Clinton even trying to insult Obama by comparing him to MLK, Jr. I must not remember that story too well, but that statement makes no sense. Is the meaning that she tried to make a comparison an insult or that a comparison is an insult? Either way, not getting it.

Tonight should be interesting . . . and get me a Chris Matthews hit. You know I love me some Matthews Mayhem and Political History Allusion Fest.


Anonymous said...

What they are talking about with the MLK insult was when Clinton talked about how speeches by themselves didn't accomplish anything. What she did specifically was say that Martin Luther King made a lot of great speeches, but that it took Lyndon Johnson to actually get the Civil Rights bills passed.

Anonymous said...

So is that an insult against MLK, Jr. or Obama?

I still think that portion of the video has the greatest narrative weakness.

Anonymous said...

I think the insult was at both, although I am sure they wish they could have a "do over" on that particular speech and later press release. But it is an interesting philosophical debate about whether change can come up from the streets or whether it takes politico's doing the right thing.