Thursday, February 21, 2008

What's Plagiarism?

Because if this is plagiarism, then so is this:

"'We have a spending problem, not a revenue problem,' [newly elected Senate Republican leader Dave] Cogdill said at a Capitol news conference.
Because I'm pretty sure you'll find that line here. (Ctrl+F "spending" 3 times and you'll find it.)

Seriously, though, messaging, rhetorical device, narrative structure, none of these can be plagiarized. Riffed on? Sure. Used to death. Totally. But Obama didn't really plagiarize. Hillary hasn't. Few have. It is isn't lines of a thesis or book lifted directly from someone else's without a footnote, then it isn't plagiarism.

P.S. to the plagiarism accusation throwers: 1988 called and wants its scandal back.

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Anonymous said...

Since plagirism seems to be an issue with Hillary, I guess we should assume that the line about xeroxing change originated with her as opposed to one of her consultants.