Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Chester? Chester. Chester!

Don't know if you caught the ad about the oboe paying walk-on who ended up an NFL draft pick, but that's my classmate, Chester Pitts.

Another thing you should know to make that commercial's true story even more noteworthy: our high school, the California Academy of Mathematics and Science didn't have a football team, if you can believe it. No, the nerds couldn't have fielded one, thanks. He missed our 10 year reunion over Christmas, but I think there was a general consensus that he's our most successful graduate, albeit in a field absolutely NO ONE would have predicted at graduation. Our class only had 104 members, too, so we all knew each other relatively well (at least we all knew each other's names), so I think there's a bit more insane pride when someone does something memorable because of the strength we draw from our tiny numbers.

Congrats, Chester Pitts!

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