Thursday, February 21, 2008

Celebrity Spouses

Candidate spouses are a reflection of the candidates and are treated as celebrities, the above article says. Except, I'm guessing, for Bill Clinton who is treated as the other half of a cruel, efficient political machine, right?

Somehow, Mrs. Huckabee is in trouble for staying at Hooters Hotel and Casino in Vegas (they have one?) while in town to watch a friend and fellow Arkansan box in a title fight. What? That's good that she's still supporting the hometeam. Reporters are dumb sometimes for running with this stories.

The article calls Huckabee's actions a "mistake."

Are they? Why?

I hate Hooters as much as the next small chested girl and, oh yeah, educated adult who recognizes that the objectification of women and chicken wings is bad. But I don't think, call me crazy, that the evangelical community sees Hooters as a big threat on the level of, oh, say, abortion and evolution. Just a guess.

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