Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Calling Contests Too Soon?

MSNBC is calling Cali for McCain and Clinton.

Let me say first that a) I'm not surprised and b) those will probably stand.

However, if you look at the returns by county, there's still 0% reporting in SF, LA, SD, and most every county where, like, people live.

(And we'll leave alone that NBC is SO desperate to call a winner they are calling an "apparent" rather than projected reader, which is lame-o. Your winner-music is great, but why the rush?)

So Hillary will likely win and win by the same margin depicted now. But I would say that it wouldn't have been inconceivable for Hillary to carry the rural Democratic votes (the more conservative, old school rural voters) while Obama gained enough traction in the urban centers to pull ahead.

Bottom line: Hill had Cali locked awhile back, no?

But can't we let it go a little bit longer into the night? What did we do without streaming election results? How did we ever wait until morning?

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