Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Bad Timing, Good Timing?

It's 8:44pm in the west and Obama takes the stage as John McCain finishes (is he really finished?) his speech in Arizona. I'm not sure we really saw the end of the McCain speech. Oh well, I guess. Still, the Obama people should've been watching CNN and giving the signal.

It seems like it doesn't much matter whether Obama picks up an actual edge tonight, based on his speech. "Our moment has come," he says, and it's easy to believe his easy manner and breezy confidence - a chorus of amens and agreement behind him.

"This time can be different," goes his mantra and that's why he's powerful - because what else do we want to believe? If, in fact, we believed anything else, we wouldn't bother trying, would we.

I should mention it's hard for me to wax poetic on his speech as my husband chuckles about American political rhetoric - the audience participation aspect especially - next to me. I've dragged him to two return parties this evening. Poor guy. What a trooper.

Speaking of foreigners, here's a quick synopsis from MSNBC.com on the delegate process:

- Each national party apportions a specific number of delegate votes to the various states and territories, based on state population and complex calculations of party strength and support in recent elections.

- The rules governing delegate allocation to candidates vary across parties, from state to state and are dependent on whether delegates are pledged or unpledged. Click here for more information on the delegate allocation method.

- Candidates need a simple majority, or half the national delegate total plus one, in order to win their party's nomination.

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