Tuesday, February 05, 2008

1802 Hrs: Status Check

Some polls are closed. Some are still open. In the delegate race, Obama is leading with 106, Clinton has 83, and Edwards 26 (for whatever that's worth). On the Red side, McCain has 172, Romney 91, and Huckabee 58. But those numbers are meaningless.

More to the point, I'm realizing, from my hubbub filled vantage point that I'm having a hard time keeping 24 races straight above the din. The graphics filled big screen version of MSNBC hovering above me works a lot better with the audio up! Doh! Getting there though. You know there's not TOO much to worry about when the countdown clock is set for the close of the North Dakota polls. Even if it comes down to them, no one would acknowledge it. Ha. Poor ND. Least visited state in the nation.


Unknown said...

That's why they want to drop the "North".
I am having trouble with all of this "the delegate count is the important thing". It may be for the primary, but when it comes to the actual election there will be no apportioned votes. It is winner take all. So if Obama cannot win the big states now, what should make us confident that he willbe able to do so in November. They can spin it all they want, but you can't win without New York-New Jersy, etc.

Anonymous said...

Do they really?

Anyway - the delegate count is important in getting us there. I also disagree that Obama not winning the big states now means he wouldn't carry them in November. The Dems will regroup around the nominee. New York and Cali aren't going to go Red this year. No, even with Dan "Why Do I Still Have a Column" Walters saying it could be in play in a McCain/Clinton matchup. Uh-oh, not buying it: primarily because the Reeps can't stop canabalizing themelves out here and not enough Dems would go Red in that match up.

The nominee will keep the total of the base vote from the primaries and will just have to worry about pulling from the middle.