Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Question Time: Who Picks Up Edwards's Votes

The Englishman asks: if this is the end of Edwards's campaign - either officially (which it won't be) or effectively (which it might be), to which candidate do his supporters turn?

He was the VP nominee in '04 - does that establishment angle swing his support to Clinton, whose campaign staff and machine represent the rest of the establishment? Or does the voter attracted by Edwards's youth and vigor turn to the other young guy and back Obama?

I don't really know.


Anonymous said...

I would guess that Obama would get 60-70% of the votes, and Edwards could actually push his supporters toward Obama. Edwards is a likely (along with Richardson) VP candidate for Obama. Neither would be a #2 to Hillary.

Anonymous said...

None of this matters because Edwards won't drop out, but his strongest supporters are blue collar workers that would be least likely to vote for Obama. Edwards has also done so much worse than early expectations and got a lot of complaints from the Kerry campaign about his efforts as a running mate, that I doubt he would be considered by either side as a VP. (I should add that I actually like John Edwards even though my post doesn't sound like it).