Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Michigan Matters Not So Much

Poor Michigan - the economy there sucks, its main meaningful export lately is Michael Moore, and its attempts to be relevant in the presidential primary process? Well, that didn't go so well either:

Michigan doesn't typically hold its primary until February but state party officials scheduled it earlier to try to give the state more say in picking a president. The Republican National Committee objected and cut the number of Michigan delegates to the national convention by half as punishment while the Democratic National Committee stripped the state of all 156 delegates to its national convention, including 28 superdelegates who would not have been bound by the outcome of the primary.
In case anyone was wondering why there's not a ton of Michigan primary coverage out there or on here, that's why.

And I still owe my father-in-law a longer post on our presidential selection process. Consider this part of that post. I'd do more tonight, but it's the Idol premiere. Hey, there's no scripted television, so what else are we left with.

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