Saturday, January 26, 2008

Message Voting

Shoot, I almost forgot: South Carolina for our side was today.

Obama won.

And now, suddenly, he's extra, a lot, the "black candidate."

What was he before?

I'm still awfully torn as the Cali primary creeps up fast. I have been, semi-purposely, avoiding most debates. I still avidly consume the punditry that comes after it, digesting all that process-story goodness, even as it drives me insane. I notice lately that I'm less looking for the candidate I support then the type I think needs to be in the White House.

Maybe Obama's comment that this election was between - and I'm paraphrasing - a black man, a woman, and John here, is sticking in my head. Both Clinton and Obama have done so well just running without running as the black man and the woman . . . until now.

Poor Edwards, right? What a lousy time to be just another white dude. But, by saying that, am I the equivalent of the latest Time Magazine cover story screaming about what's happening to our little boys getting left behind in school (because apparently, a few years of girls' getting ahead means we've abandoned them)? Ugh.

So do I break with my gender? My minority status? Or my work history?


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Colleen said...

I heard the most hilarious spin on a local radio station last week. The gist was that Obama would lose by winning South Carolina, because it would make him "too black." I'm waiting to see a poor-white-man pity vote for Edwards now.