Thursday, January 31, 2008

L.A. Is Only For Famous People

I'm famous. In my own mind, anyway, I'm huge!

Does it bother anyone else that most of the reax shots this evening were of the various stars out to watch the debate? I know I'm not living in Los Angeles right now, but I'm almost sure there's more to the city than the normal Kodak Theater crowd. If you're at the RNC and you're wondering how you can beat up the Dem during the general election without coming off as especially racist or sexist (normal levels will be acceptable, of course), aren't you licking your lips and grinning at the cast of out-of-touch, liberal, freaky, Hollywood lefties who turn out to throw their sinfully gained money at the lefty freak candidates? All those possible grainy photos? Mmm, hit spots. Love 'em! Hey, maybe they can get some thinly veiled anti-semitism in there as well. Field day!

For California political junkies, there were some gratuitous shots of Villaraigosa, his future nemesis Newsom, Debra Bowen, etc, etc. I'm sure the same level of locally important people were in the audience in other states. But I don't recall any other debate's audience being so stereotypical. Was the Iowa debate watched by a field of corn? Not that I know of. Was the Florida debate watched by gators? Real gators, not alumni. I'm just saying . . . . As one blogger points out, America Ferrera was wearing a Hillary button - will there be a "blue carpet" US Weekly spread next week?

I shouldn't poke too much fun. I hate the notion that people in entertainment have any less right to participate or any less ability to comprehend politics just because they get paid extra for being prettier than us. But come on. Skip the celeb reax. Or at least cut it back a bit - otherwise, we keep arguing over which young white actor we just saw and miss the new spin on immigration policy or whatever.

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