Monday, January 28, 2008

I'll Always Choose Nerditry

I love me some MSNBC. Between Keith and Chris, it's all most too much eggheaded commentary to handle. Really well-crafted if overly-clever allusions abound. Hmmm, I love it.

Keith points out that this State of the Union was a greatest hits reel for Mr. Bush. He pulled out rhetorical gems from addresses past. Ink stained fingers. Threatened downtown LA attacks. Iran's nuclear threats. Ah, the good old days . . . .

Also noted: as ever, no request is made of us to do anything. Thank God! We do deserve more, after all, and should do less to get it. Victory gardens were cute in the 40s, but sacrifice is a little done, isn't it? What, it's a basis of Christianity and Bush digs that stuff? Whatever, separation of church and state. Just like Congress shouldn't have a say on private medical decisions, right?

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