Friday, January 25, 2008

I Blame The Narrator

A reader sent in the link to this Slate has a great little bit comparing Hillary to Tracy Flick, the brilliant and unfairly maligned heroine of the movie Election:

It's very well done and probably does capture the sort of WTF moment Hillary must go through each time her years of actual White House experience are dismissed or discounted.

Of course, poor Tracy Flick wasn't nearly as bad as the teacher/narrator painted her to be. Both the book and the film (which are nearly identical) construct a beautiful tension between author, narrator, and Ms. Flick. So who's the Matthew Broderick in this scenario? Are the readers - the voters - getting the right message from this race?



Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting this, pho! It's funny that this member of the HRC campaign would also feel so connected to Tracy Flick that she regularly appears as her on Halloween. Perfect connection. (Except Mr. McAllister won't be able to steal this one away from our girl!)

Anonymous said...

How does one dress up as tracy flick? Is it a good argyle sweater vest and a pick flick button? Not that I want to copy you, but if we're in different cities on Halloween, i want to copy you. You have that blonde hair thing going for you though!

Ms. Hazelstein said...

i put my own pic on the pick flick button (satisfies my ego and cracks me up simultaneously) and wear a wool skirt, tights, and mary janes. turtleneck or blouse+sweatervest work great. this year andy went as mr. mcallister, with a short-sleeved button down shirt, swollen, discolored eye, and a tracy flick ballot sticking out of his pocket. i brought cupcakes that read "pick flick" to a party and people loved it. much fun.