Thursday, January 03, 2008

Hey, It's About WE We, Not You We

Huckabee just said "it's not about me, it's about we." Someone call Herb Wesson and tell Herb to call Huckabee to ask for residuals. I knew we should've put that on a t-shirt.

Quick, someone tell me why Huckabee is scary again. Is his real name Oral Roberts? 'Cause I've known some really nice Baptist ministers. No, I'm not going to vote for him - but at one time, circa 1999, I was of the belief that (most) Republicans weren't bad, they just had different ideas about how to get there. There being a better place. Then came the neoconservatives. But if we could go back to being different, not good and bad, that'd be nice. To quote from Miss Congeniality, I really do want world peace.

Huckabee's speech sounds good. Really good. Read it in a CMC class and play "spot the political allusion" good. I heard Reagan and other great Republicans of yore, but I also here classic liberalism, progressive rhetoric, weight, valor, heart, comfort, and reason.

Wanting a good, spirited debate in the general election isn't such a bad thing, is it? Is this the euphoria of an election night that bodes very well for Democratic GOTV efforts in the fall?

I'm going to need a copy of that speech.

Will, as Chris Matthews wonders, the establishment candidates regain control in the coming weeks and elections, or is this the real deal. The last non-establishment wondercandidate didn't make it out of Iowa, so I'd say what happens in Iowa might not stay there.

From Huckabee's speech, through the magic of DVR playback:

A prairie fire of new hope and zeal . . . The country years for leadership that recognizes that when one is elected to public office, one is not elected to be part of the ruling class, he's elected to be part of a serving class because we the people are the ruling class of America. G.K. Chesterson once said a true soldier fights not because he hates those who are in front of him, but because he loves those who are behind him. I recognize that running for office is not hating those are in front of us, it's loving those who are behind us.
Heartland, check. Slap at current administration, check. Populist connection to the voters, check and check. Coded reference to Christian values of service and faithful following, check. Reference to war, soldiers, support for veterans and peaceniks, check, check, check, damn-near check. Am I giving him too much credit or was that a finely crafted piece of Capra-esque yet sincere speechwriting? Awesome. Just awesome.

Oh, in case you're curious, here's Chesterson's wiki entry. Had you heard of him? I hadn't. Christian, English, eventually converted to Catholicism. I'll have to read up more. Of course, as poetic as the statement is, I don't necessarily agree with it because, post 9/11, I firmly believe that war is not the answer, no matter how much you love those behind you. But anyway . . . . also, note that he changes from "one" being elected to office to "he" being elected to office. I know, over-read, but still. I'd stick with "one."

Fascinating night. And I'm blogging. Mmmm, good day.

P.S. I find the differences between GK and AK Chesterton interesting and possibly VERY telling:

Arthur Kenneth Chesterton, MC (1896 — August 16, 1973) was a far right-wing politician and journalist, instrumental in founding a number of right-wing organisations in Britain, primarily in opposition to the break-up of the British Empire, and later adopting a broader anti-immigration stance.

He is not to be confused with his very different cousin, the author G. K. Chesterton, who was fiercely anti-Imperialist and a persistent critic of what he called "the "solemn fools of Teutonism"--his derisive term for those who claimed that the 'Germanic' races were superior to all others (Illustrated London News, January 11, 1919).

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