Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Goodbye, Mr. Edwards

Edwards to Quit Presidential Race

I am sad. I'm not surprised, exactly, but still sad. Edwards is a good man. He ran a good, if ignored, campaign. It's not really his fault - how could he compete, as the veteran candidate - against two shiny, new, ceiling-shattering candidates? His good looks couldn't beat their sex appeal. But he had good ideas and I felt and still do feel a certain level of allegiance to him from 2004.

The worst part, of course, is that now I really, really need to decide between Clinton and Obama. I have good, smart friends lined up behind each. Do I default to my core rule of never supporting anyone who voted for the war? Do I back what may be our last great hope for quite sometime to get a woman into the White House? Better the devil we know? Or do I stick with what I decided in those low days after the 2004 election: that based on the people who immediately raised the Hillary flag before the Kerry one had been completely lowered there was no way in hell that I'd join that team?

Again, I say: who would have ever thought my California vote might actually count?

Then again, wait, I'm being suckered again, right? Is this really a contest?

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