Tuesday, January 08, 2008

End of Edwards Era, Most Likely

I wish the comeback kid thing would work for him - based solely, again, on an odd sense of nostalgia. He was never my favorite. His talking points tonight attempt to remind the country that we're two tiny states down and 48 more larger ones to go. But the rest of his speech is the same. Liver transplant patient anecdote and all.

The fact that a star from Desperate Housewives is standing behind him kinda says it all.

And as for Hillary - the Clinton magic is a family thing, clearly. Who knew. Even if Obama wins, he will have lost because he won't have won by enough. This flummoxes my husband, as it should.

It does seem, however, that this race will make it past Iowa and New Hampshire for both parties, however, which is pretty awesome. Think of it: actual races.

And for my friend Catherine, who's no doubt slightly teary with fatigue, hope, dedication, and passion in Nevada at their Clinton headquarters: I'm truly happy for you because you took the step of heading out and putting your hard work behind your candidate and you get to keep fighting. That's a great feeling, isn't it? No matter what, I think the one conclusion that's safe to move forward with: turnout should remain high as a contest energizes all parts of the base. That thrills me.

It should thrill you too, dear reader.

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Anonymous said...

John Edwards will stay in all the way to the convention for the simple reason that he is taking public financing and he almost definitely has bills to pay that he won't get federal money for if he drops out.

Expect him to go all the way to the convention politicking on the public dime.