Monday, December 31, 2007

Another Day Older And Deeper In Debt

I was recently scolded by a reader for not sharing more specifically the news of my recent marriage and other benchmarks along the immigration road after the initally frustration-themed posts from last spring. He was partly right and I was accordingly wrong - I should've told a more complete story, just to tie up the loose ends. But I was also wrong for letting so much personal life material bleed onto this site - where I've specifically shied from oversharing and navel-gazing. Or tried to most of the time, anyway. Since my current job put the kibosh on the kind of blogging I'd much rather be doing, there's not that much left.

This is all by way of introduction to the annual year-in-review post. Most news readers will know from either directly on-point posts or reading between the lines of merely related posts.

My then-fiance, Robert, was interviewed at the London Embassy in early July and arrived in the U.S. with zero problems or delay at immigration control a few weeks later. We were married on October 20 in Sacramento. Now that summer's scorching heat has subsided and taken on a much more English chill, he's warming up to Sacramento. We're enjoying married life very much.

That's certainly the biggest news for the year. Not that there isn't more, but I'm sure that when we look back at 2007, it will be remembered as the year of The Wedding - which is far better than remembering it as the year of The Immigration Battle. More immigration nonsense is underway now, of course, as green card applications pend, etc. But it's peanuts compared to things completed while we were separated.

Several more of my closest friends are now engaged and will be married during 2008 which is exciting. I would suppose that more of my currently married friends will be having babies soon - it's getting to be that time. My nephew is growing like a weed and I can't wait for him to start talking because I'm sure he's got stuff to say. Watching a whole person develop is pretty crazy: he's got such a personality already. It's nuts. My sister and brother-in-law do great work.

This is starting to sound like a Christmas card letter instead of a blog post, so I better just stop now. Between the wedding, attended by some of my oldest friends now spread all over the country, and my high school reunion, I've been thinking a lot about time and the things I've done in the past ten years or so. That the first caucus is just a few (stupid) days away of course puts me back about 4 years.

So much is ahead. I hope that statement excites you the way it does me.

Best in 2008.

Friday, December 28, 2007

One Wrote Mean Girls, One Is A Mean Girl

This comparison of the comedy of Fey and Silverman could've been much better done, though I know I'm asking a lot of an MSN site. I could take a swing at the analysis, but I'd have to watch more Silverman and I don't like watching mean people be mean.

I'll gladly watch more Tina Fey, though.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

'Claremont' Is Insufficient

Capitol Weekly touts the supersized Republican Senate Fellows class this year - an accomplishment given the slim Reep pickins over the last few classes. But the article makes a tiny yet important-to-me mistake:

[Efforts] included doing more recruiting at private universities — such as Stanford, Pepperdine and Claremont — which many believe have a higher number of Republicans than many public colleges. But Runner also cited more outreach at the University of California at Berkeley, which, despite its liberal reputation, has a large and active Republican club.
I'm going to leave aside the conservative angle and focus instead on the faulty nomenclature. As I explained in an email to the reporter, "Claremont" is an inaccurate name if you mean CMC or if you mean the Claremont Colleges. So did they target the Claremont Colleges or - as I'm guessing, given our conservative reputation - Claremont McKenna specifically? Because just saying "Claremont" doesn't tell a reader which and certainly doesn't educate readers about the institution or the consortium. We can't have that, right?

Of course, I'll leave aside completely that, as far as I can count sitting here, there have been CMC students and/or at least one other Claremont College student in each Fellows class going back . . . until at least 2000 I think. Maybe not Reeps and maybe not Senate, but since I flew down and recruited when I was a fellow, I know it happened at least to a certain extent.

But my main concern was over the name.