Friday, November 16, 2007

Trade Magazines Are Funny

Speaking of lawyering: I get these nifty law newsletters and whatnot delivered to both my home and office. The best are the young lawyer section newsletters - inapplicable, I'm guessing, to 75% of young lawyers since the articles address various Biglaw issues. I enjoy the ABA Journal too, though, probably for reasons its editors never intended.

Most recent item to make me chuckle: an article about the new trend in law professors banning laptops in their classrooms. Knowing how I used my laptop time in class (hint: you're reading it), I understand their concern. But the article doesn't stop there. It uses as an example one professor's concern, "particularly for women." And what is this concern?

Students "complained they were distracted and in some cases upset when other students viewed obscene videos or sent harassing text messages."

Say what?

So, viewing obscene material in class is only a problem for female law students? I saw a lot of on-line gambling and reading, but never porn. And I'm pretty sure that could bother both genders. Or it should. Or maybe it shouldn't. Or maybe protecting the pretty girls from the ugly online penises shouldn't be the motivating factor.

If you want to go macro on the problem, how about addressing hourly classroom requirements that force students to attend pointless lectures when reading the casebook and reviewing with friends will serve them far better on their final exams? Here's a hint to easily bothered students: turn off the wifi. Another hint? Keep your eyes on the board.

As if.

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